You don’t have time, I don’t have time. But we planned ahead.

This is a food blog for anyone who’s never quite managed to get their shit together when it comes to cooking.

This is a food blog with foolproof ways of prepping and stashing your food so eating well, cheaply and quickly is easy.

This is a food blog with one message: cook when you have time, not just when you need to eat.

There’s time somewhere – it’s just that it’s probably not at 7pm on a Tuesday. It may well be at 6pm on Sunday. So cook then – all you need is a grip on what chills, freezes and re-heats well.

There’s no need to grow eight arms so you can follow Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals after a long day (otherwise known as ‘Using a Food Processor and Finding a Minion to Wash it Up Later’). Just use the time that you do have effectively and become best friends with your fridge-freezer.

Here is your arsenal:

Big pots

Soups and stews that sit in the fridge

Home-made ready meals

The complete package – turn the freezer into a treasure trove and give a gift to your future self

Cold lunches 

For if your office has a no-hot-food policy

Sauce batches

Defrost and add noodles or pasta. 15 minutes, tops.

Very quick dinners

MINIMAL prep. If you’re desperate and you’ve eaten everything else and are THIS close to getting a takeaway, reach for one of these instead.

When time is no object

For when you have time and guests, this is where you can explore and experiment with something a bit more fancy

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