Brussels: Waffling on

Just ahead of the long weekend, I was lucky enough to tack an extra day onto a work trip to Brussels. Unfortunately my lovely camera battery ran out before I could take any pictures of what I was eating, but I was lucky enough to gorge on:

  • Carbonnades Flamandes (beef stew with Belgian beer)
  • Incredible frites as Maison Antoine (worth the walk from the town centre)
  • A simple and beautiful gaufre au sucre at Mokafe

An important lesson was learnt – loading your waffle with cream, chocolate and all and sundry makes you look a little silly here. A proper waffle doesn’t really need anything but a little icing sugar to make breakfast a treat. Mokafe, despite being in the middle of the most touristy arcade in town, was the kind of francophone bolthole your could happily spend hours in – whilst having conversations with strangers in broken French about ‘books vs Kindle’.

If you’re heading to anywhere in Belgium, I’d recommend Use-It, a serious of city guides with great ways to see more, do more and eat more than your average tourist.

Carbonnades Flamandes


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